My Crossfit Family

My Crossfit Regulus Family

When I initially heard about crossfit I thought “THOSE people are insane,” because they were doing these crazy workouts that looked like they were going to break at any moment. I never really wanted to give it a chance because it seemed to attract all of the people I didn’t like in college.  Thankfully (yes, thankfully), after graduating from college I struggled with getting back into fitness.  I had a membership for what weightlifters and crossfitters like to call “Globo-Gyms”.  I attended cycling classes like crazy, but I was always afraid to approach the weight area for fear of being looked at like I was 1. crazy or 2. a piece of meat, and I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for.  So I decided it was time to try something else.

I was fortunate to have had a friend open a crossfit gym.  He had been promoting “3 free days of classes” online so I jumped at the deal. Before my first class I had to mentally prepare myself, because lets face it, I wasn’t in shape and I didn’t want to look stupid. So regardless of my own fears I decided to jump in and I went to crossfit.  Looking back at it now, I can say that my first class was easily my hardest. Each class is hard, but when you look around the room and you see the 10 other people mentally fighting the same battle, you lose your own self conscience that you walked in with. After the three free classes I was hooked.  I needed this in my life.

I came for the workout, but I stayed for the people.  If you ever meet someone who does crossfit and they tell you they love the workouts… they are probably missing the point.  Crossfit workouts are almost always a challenge and awful.  What I was addicted to was the family like atmosphere.  These people, my people, shared their lives with each other.  They used each other as their pillars for successes, both in the gym and outside of it.  They genuinely loved each other. I found my fitness when I found my second family.  Each athlete and coach I have met has pushed me, motivated me, and shared their experiences with me, and with each class and struggle, I continue to grow. The hardest part is taking that first step, but sometimes you just have to go for it, and you can and will amaze yourself.


Finding My Fitness: My Journey Into Crossfit

3 thoughts on “Finding My Fitness: My Journey Into Crossfit

  1. Well said! I agree, the support and family atmosphere at incomparable! I look forward to seeing everyone one each day, and the days I can’t come sadden me. Danae you are truly inspirational! Love working out with you.


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