Rapid Dis-Assembly of Your Limits

Crossfit has and always will be about mental strength along with personal strength.  This is why it’s olympic-like competition The Crossfit Games gets to name the “fittest male and female in the world.”  This sport is meant to push you in every element.  That is why it was so appealing to me.

During my first few workouts I pushed myself to the limits I knew, the limits I had given myself for many years.  You know the ones where you are going to push 90% and hope that someone is a little less experienced than you so you aren’t last… That was where I was comfortable.  After my first month of crossfit I realized that 90% would not be good enough for me anymore.  I realized that I wanted more than that. So in an attempt to recreate my fitness goals I had to do a rapid dis-assembly of my current limits.  ( I am a pipeline engineer and rapid dis-assembly is something we joke about–my jokes are bound to get worse and more nerdy, bare with me!)

You are all probably wondering how did I get to the point where I knew I needed to change my limits… well, I think it happens like most things, you think about it for a while and then you just get sick of thinking about it and you act on it.  I knew I wanted to see progress in some areas of crossfit faster than what was happening.  I knew I could go a little harder at each workout.  I also realized that I was spending money for a gym membership that I wasn’t using to its full potential like a lot of people do, and when I got home I felt less than proud of myself in my efforts.  It was either I step it up or I get out of the gym because I wasn’t doing myself any favors physically or mentally.

I sat down with my coaches Jamie and Zack, who had almost daily asked me what my goals were. I got honest with them about what I wanted to do, and they pushed me.  They have kept pushing me since then because they know what I want to do, and they are providing me with the means to do it. Now my limits do not exist.  They do not exist because each workout is a fight, a mental fight to keep your limits from haunting you.  Though crossfit is a mostly individual sport, the team aspect keeps you from falling into old habits and mindsets.  Crossfit is physically and mentally making me fitter and stronger, and always pushing me out past my limits.  This could be you, if you let it.

Thank you Crossfit Regulus for helping me with my mental strength.  It has really impacted my entire life, not just my crossfit life.

Have you ever had to change your mental limits? Comment or Reply!


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