The Infamous Open

For those of you don’t know The Open is this next week. If you don’t know what “the open” is, it is the crossfit equivalent to the Olympic trials…and I encourage everyone to sign up.

A year ago I had no idea what this was, I didn’t even know what crossfit was all about.  Now, 8 months since my crossfit birthday I am addicted and excited to participate in this competition.  Sounds awful doesn’t it? Competing is like asking to be doubly sore… well, yes, but isn’t that the point?  I am participating this year because I want to track my progress for next year.  These workouts are just like any other benchmarks in crossfit.  The open is a little different though. These benchmarks allow you to compare yourself to everyone in your region, everyone in your country, everyone in the world.  This allows you to see where you are without having to leave the comfort of your own home gym! Oh and guess what, you can do the workouts as many times as you want to get your best score.  (Though, I think your body would hate you if you did it more than five times.)

I realize that I have a long road to be elite, but I have committed myself to fitness and to progress.  This is just another obstacle along that road.  I do not have to be the best this year, but I do have to try.  I think back to my first crossfit workout… I couldn’t lift much weight–45 lbs seemed heavy, and now I max clean 150 pounds, max snatch 115 pounds and I can do pull ups!! Strict, kipping, butterflies! I am doing this for myself, to prove to myself of the struggles I have been through and the steps I had to take to get to today. So grab a partner to judge. Sweat together to get stronger together.

My Crossfit Buddy, Rachel.  Sweat together to get strong together!

My Crossfit Buddy, Rachel, and I in our battle gear from Born Primitive!

My advice, as a rookie so it means almost nothing, is to do the open workouts fearlessly. Keep your head up and be proud of who you are and what you are doing.  Embrace the community around you.  Push yourself to your limits.  Drink a ton of water.  Throw up if you have to after a workout.  But, more than anything else, do this for you.  And if you are in my area, come to my gym and work out with my family at Crossfit Regulus .  I promise you will be pushed and motivated and you will leave happy and proud. Good Luck!!



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