Why Crossfitters are Deranged

If you are a crossfit athlete or have just started your crossfit journey, I hope this resonates with you.  Crossfitter’s are deranged, plain and simple.  You’re probably thinking, “What the heck is she talking about.” Here are a few reasons:

  1. We show up for workouts every day.

Yep, we show up every day, and if not every day as often as we can.  Not a big deal though right? Wrong.  In crossfit we put our bodies in an incredible amount of pain.  I can tell you that before each workout that I do I think to myself, “Why am I do this to myself?” and then I start the workout regardless of what my mind is telling me. And in the middle of it I have decided to commit myself to a mental institute for coming back after yesterday’s WOD (workout of the day) because no one in their right mind should ever enjoy this feeling. After the workout, normally while I am lying down or inhaling that sweet sweet air I am still convinced that I am mentally insane, and then the magic happens. ENDORPHIN’S! This is when we all feel slightly high from our workout, this is when we start to forget that we felt any pain at all, and this is when we become deranged.

  1. We willingly choose to give up cake.

Cake, pie, cookies, easily some of the most delicious treats in existence and we give them up.  These items are at our finger tips at every grocery store, gas station and mini-mart around and yet we don’t touch them.  We have become so committed to making gains (#gainz) in our fitness that we have willingly learned to forget that these things even exist.  I have been paleo or primal for almost the last year and I sometimes get tempted by these treats, but I never feel like I need them or want them enough to actually go through with getting them…unless they are gramma’s cookies and then I am all aboard the struggle bus.  For the most part though, you learn to make do with what you can eat and forget about the noise of the other stuff. Thankfully, there are recipes for some paleo treats out there though to get us through the cravings!! We give up cake and then we obsessively talk about the quantity of good healthy foods we get to eat, and it is normally A LOT of food. This is when crossftters are deranged.

  1. We pay to be sore.

    image1 (3)

    First Individual Crossfit Competition.                     First Place Finish. Kimura Crossfit. San Leandro, CA.

We all pay monthly membership fees to kill ourselves day in and day out, and then we will pay extra for a competition which is basically asking for a wheel chair for the next week.  Actually, just yesterday I had my first novice competition, it consisted of three workouts and  a final workout for the top 5 male and females… both fortunately and unfortunately I made it into the top 5 for the finals, this meant workout four of the day, my legs were jelly. I won the competition which is exciting and exhilarating, but at what cost? Today I am struggling to get out of my chair at work.  I’ve actually resorted back to something from what I wrote in the first example; maybe I should be in a mental institute because I actually enjoy this feeling.  Another reason why crossfitters are deranged.

If those aren’t enough reasons for you, I encourage you to tell me why crossfitters are deranged and share your experiences in the comments.


Marks Daily Apple –http://www.marksdailyapple.com/

Competitors Training http://competitorstraining.com/ 

Paleo Treats http://www.paleotreats.com/


2 thoughts on “Why Crossfitters are Deranged

  1. We are most definitely deranged because we keep coming back for the pain. I also really love the community aspect of Crossfit. I love walking into the box and hearing everybody say’ hi Jason’.

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