Embracing the Crossfit Community

Tonight I participated in my very first Crossfit Open workout and though I think I didn’t perform my absolute best, I had such an amazing time working out with everyone in my gym. The amount of support you can find in one “box” is an amazing and motivating factor in fitness success.  A lot of people make fun of crossfitters for being a “cult”, but those people are confused, if you call crossfitters anything you should call us a family.

Way before I knew what the open was, even before I had decided to officially join my gym– I had about 1 week left in my month long groupon– crossfit had accepted me into their family.  I had started traveling to Las Vegas for work pretty frequently and I still wanted to workout because I was addicted. I decided to check out some of the gyms rather than going out to high caloric dinners with my counterparts.  I was able to drop into 4 different crossfit gyms when I was in Las Vegas for the 4 weeks (in a 3 month period) I was there.  Most of these gyms either were free or if you bought a shirt (which you ALWAYS do), you could work out for a couple of days at no charge.  I think this is something special in and of itself– a FREE workout?! Crossfitters understand the addiction to working out, the anxiety that comes with having too many rest days, and the absolute nightmare it is going back to your gym a few days or a week behind on workouts. Gyms allow these visitors to workout without the additional stress of paying for it.  What is even more inspiring though is that each gym I went to, I never felt like I was working out alone.  It has always felt like I was apart of their family even if it was only for an hour or a few days. The two gyms I went back to multiple days and over multiple visits in Las Vegas were Outcast Crossfit and Crossfit Veni Vidi Vici, so if you are ever in the Vegas area, I highly recommend dropping into those two, they had amazing atmospheres!.

Sweet Shirt from Crossfit Portland

Sweet Shirt from Crossfit Portland

Even more recently, I went to Portland for vacation and again decided to drop into a crossfit gym because thinking about four rest days made me go insane.  I walked about a mile from my hotel to Crossfit Portland and had a work out.  Actually, at this gym I had my first sandbag work out… and oh boy did my obliques and quads hurt the next day.  But again, this gym made me feel like it was my own. They were cheering me on, and I was cheering them on. I got a pretty sweet shirt from them too! This is just another example of how your location doesn’t change the crossfit community.

But let me tell you about my community…

We have Zack, he is an owner and coach.  If you are having a bad day or need a reason to smile, he will either dance crazy or do something dorky just so that your day doesn’t affect your workout.  But he is also a beast and throws up these huge lifts that make you wanna be like him…

Then there is Jamie, another owner and coach… she is  4′ 10″ (if that’s wrong, I will never hear the end of it) and maybe 100 pounds dripping wet. She is a killer! She can snatch over her body weight and she clean and jerked 135# tonight. She’s just this fit sassy chick who is someone you want to be around.  She is someone who inspires and motivates you.

And then there is Stacey.  Stacey is probably my biggest inspiration at my gym.  She is fearless and powerful! I have never seen a person work harder than she does–which is hard to say because most people in crossfit work really hard.  She is always there to support me, even if I’m not giving it 100%.  It has been amazing to watch her progress and successes.

Some of my crossfit family. Jamie, JB, Sabrina, Brooke, Jason, Me, Zack and Carlos.

Some of my crossfit family. Jamie, JB, Sabrina, Brooke, Jason, Me, Zack and Carlos.

And then there’s JB, Brooke, Sabrina, Aaron, Nerd and Reyna, Layne, Jason, and Rachel– and so many more of these people in my gym that make you want to be better, to be stronger, to be the best you.  And I am certain this is how it is everywhere– because even though crossfit is an individual sport, we have all acknowledged that the energy we get from each other is greater than the energy we are able to create within ourselves.  These people inspire me and push me to being the best me.  They are my family because they believe in me more than I believe in myself.  They are the people I want to make proud.  This is my crossfit community.

What is your crossfit community? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Embracing the Crossfit Community

  1. The community is my favorite part of Crossfit. And dead lifts. And farmer carries. But mostly community. And you’re right- the community accepts you long before you accept the community. Now that I’ve been CFing around three months, I can look back and see that they took me in the very first class. We’re a small box in an even smaller town, so there was the potential for it to be cliquey and exclusive. Not even close. I can’t think of many things that are better than being part of a group that wants everyone to succeed as much as the individual.

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