Welcome to Crossfit: An Adult’s Jungle Gym

People love crossfit.  That is why the sport has grown so much since its inception in 2000.  There are over 10,000 affiliated gyms, 209,000 athletes participating in the open right now, and even more that just do crossfit because it fits their workout and fitness goals.  I think I have found out why.

Zack preparing for a handstand!

Zack preparing for a handstand!

It’s an adult jungle gym.

Don’t let people fool you when they say they go to crossfit to “workout”.  They don’t.  Yeah, sure you break a sweat, lift heavy weights, and you do some burpees and pull-ups, but I can’t tell you the last time I worked out.

Just yesterday, Sunday the day of rest, I spent probably two hours practicing handstands and handstand walks with some of my gym pals.  Two hours. Apparently I have nothing to do with my life… or it could be because where else can a twenty-four year old adult go and do hand stands without looking like a complete weirdo or creep?  Exactly.. no where.

Zack doing his handstand!

Zack doing his handstand!

Where can you go to swing on rings, or play on bars, or run around playing tag or musical wall balls?  All of these fun activities that we used to do as kids are reserved for only kids.  Adults aren’t allowed to have this much fun while exercising because we have accepted that exercising is supposed to be painful and suck.  Why did we agree to be adults? Who made that rule?

Abe swinging on the rings.

Abe swinging on the rings.

I see adults of all ages from their early twenties to their sixties in the crossfit gym playing around and having fun.  This is why this is such a phenomenal sport.  It has allowed all of us become athletes and children.  Of course, there are days when we get serious about our workouts, but for the most part, each workout ends with some sort of shenanigan that taps into our youth and childlike tendencies.  This sport is keeping the body fresh and feeling young, but also our personalities and spirit.

So when people say they just love the workout at crossfit, some might really believe that, but I just think we all want to be in a place that makes us feel like we are five when we clearly aren’t.

This is why the idea of functional fitness is amazing.  As we continue to use our bodies in the same ways we did when we were kids, we never feel like we are working out.  We trick our body into getting stronger and more fit without having the mental drain of calling it exercise.

Synchronized Handstands with Brooke!

Synchronized Handstands with Brooke!

I love crossfit because I no longer workout. I play.

Now you go out there and play!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Crossfit: An Adult’s Jungle Gym

  1. Agreed! Crossfit is fun! It definately brings the kid in me out (though sometimes it may not show). I’m always happy to “work out” with my friends at Regulus.


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