PR’ing in Crossfit, and Not PR’ing in Crossfit

Recently… like yesterday, I was able to PR (personal record) the snatch lift.The snatch lift is a personal favorite of mine because it just seemed to come easily to me.  I have been able to continually increase weight, and luckily last night our metabolic conditioning workout made different sized weight plates hard to find (like 5# or 2.5# plates).  I found myself 10 lbs up from my previous PR of 115 because of it. I snatched 125#!  I have a pretty horrible habit of not finishing the triple extension, but I am trying to remedy, but it was still awesome!  But what I really want to talk about is how each time you max out these lifts, you may not be able to establish a new PR or even hit your existing PR… and you know what, that’s okay.

Sometimes you just have to get ugly to get stronger. This was inspired by the #deadliftfacechallenge

Sometimes you just have to get ugly to get stronger. This was inspired by the #deadliftfacechallenge, Jim Carey photo courtesy Zuguide.

When I first started crossfit I was focused on getting as strong as I could as fast as I could.  Of course this is exactly what everyone else is trying to do. So I would fixate on specific movements and lifts to get better and stronger, and I would neglect other areas of my training and it would show in my workouts.  I was hitting PR’s in some of my lifts and then I was struggling in other lifts or movements that had seemingly come easy to me before.  This is not what crossfit is about.  It is focused on being decent in all areas of your training.

I have only been in this sport a short time, but I realize now why coaches focus so heavily on their training programs.  It is to keep athletes decent in all areas and events. I have accepted this.  I am no longer trying to beat the system, I wait patiently for the next time the chance comes around for us to max our lifts, and since I have accepted this I have been seeing progression, but I have my days where I don’t  come close to my max. Sometimes your body isn’t ready for that, sometimes you need to spend more time working on form and technique, you can learn from missing lifts.  It’s funny how your body will let you know what’s up.

I may be decent at the snatch, but I have to really focus on cleaning properly.  And truth be told, I am still working on not being deathly afraid of the jerk.  So as you continue to work towards that PR, don’t get discouraged if you don’t always hit a PR. Trust the programming and your coaches.  They know what they are doing and talking about.  They aren’t trying to hinder or damper your success or strength, they are trying to make you the best athlete for this sport that they can.

Sometimes you PR.  Sometimes you don’t.  Don’t give up or get down on yourself.  Allow your body to learn and to progress.

Go out there and fail with pride!


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