Finding My Balance

A common question that I have been asked lately is “how do you do it?”  And when people say “it” they mean how do I balance and juggle all of the different things that I am doing in my life.  For those of you who don’t have an idea of what my day to day tasks include here are some of them: I work full time, commute an hour each day for that, I am a full time graduate student in the MBA program at my local university, and I still manage to make it to crossfit four to five times a week dependent up a Saturday grad class.  For the most part I am running from place to place, but I always manage to find time for crossfit… here is why:

  1. Passion

I am passionate about crossfit.  I really believe that it can change and inspire people.  I love it.  Even days when I didn’t perform as stellar as I had hoped, I feel happy there.  I use crossfit now as a therapy.  There are people who use substances or alcohol or shopping to do this for them, mine just happens to be something that benefits the body.

  1. I still have a social life

A lot of my friend’s pre-crossfit won’t exactly love this answer, but here it goes… most of my closest friends are at the gym.  I see these people 4-5 times a week during the school semester and 6-7 times a week when I am on breaks.  I love hanging out with the people at the gym and I don’t feel guilty for spending extra time at the gym because it is my social life now.  All of the athletes have similar mindsets about fitness goals and how to achieve those goals, sometimes it is easier to hang out with these people because they don’t make me feel pressured to drink or party or eat the ever famous “non-paleo” foods.  They have accepted me for me and support my goals and often make me feel better for making the choices that I am making. Or maybe they are just as deranged as I am.

  1. Extending the Work Day

When I first started crossfit I had to convince myself that exercise was just an extension of the workday, this was to make myself go.  Now, I am to the point in my life that I don’t need that excuse, but when I am making plans with people I still incorporate that mindset that everything has to come after crossfit.  I have made this sport a priority in my life and again it acts as my therapy session so I will always choose that over going crazy.

  1. Happiness

Crossfit makes me insanely happy. I think a lot of people forget what makes them happy. That or they give up or just stop doing things that make them happy or they make the excuse that they are too busy to keep doing these things. I think this is a mistake.  Sometimes I feel so stressed out and sometimes even guilty for going to crossfit when I had to study for an assignment or write a paper, but that feeling always subsides because even though I ultimately will be even more busy and crunched for time, my head is normally clearer and I almost always walk out of the gym feeling more ready than ever to take on the next task.

I do crossfit to NOT feel like this at work.

I do crossfit to NOT feel like this at work.

I changed my life priorities once I found something to be passionate about.  Every second I spend in the gym never feels like a waste. If I could give any advice on this is I would say even if you are busy or tired or stretched for time, the most therapeutic and calming thing you can do is something that makes you happy for an hour.  For me that is crossfit, for some that is running, or writing or reading.  We all live these busy lives.  Fill each day with things that can take some of that stress away.  Find something that you love, that you refuse to give up, because once you do you no longer have to justify the time there.  It will always be worth it.


One thought on “Finding My Balance

  1. You hit the nail right on the head with this article. I feel exactly the same! Crossfit has completely changed my mindset and it has a lot to do with the people I get to be around at the ‘box’. See you next time!


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