When I cannot push myself… My coaches will.

Every so often I will stumble across a day where I just can’t find the energy or will to push myself.  I could attribute this to my “rider” or logical side being so overwhelmed with decisions and self-control in my life that my “elephant” or emotional side takes over and I ultimately lose my motivation to try. Thank you Switch by Heath Brothers for helping me with that analogy. (I have been reading leadership and management books for class– so I am sharing with you) I, however, think that I just come to a point where I burn out and no longer am able to dig deep enough to really put my all into a workout.  Thankfully, that’s what my coaches are for.

This may end up being a vent session about how mean and demanding my coaches are, but for the most part this is my attempt to tell them thanks for being my rider and making me push myself.

Coach Zack and Coach Nerd taking selfies with my Phone.

Coach Zack and Coach Nerd taking selfies with my Phone.

Yesterday, March 25 I was dead set on taking my time and going easy on my workout, but my coach had other plans.  I was going to get sweaty regardless of what I wanted or not.  He made me do heavy thrusters, pretty much satan’s idea of fitness, and then for our MetCon (metabolic conditioning) we did a 12 minute amrap (as many rounds/reps as possible) of

6 Kettle bell Swings

60 Double Unders

6 Burpees

To do this workout as “prescribed” or not having to scale it I would have swung a 35# kettlebell, but my coach thought I needed to up that to 45#…Ok Ok I can accept that change, I can mentally handle that for 12 minutes. What I was not ready for was every time I had decided to let myself rest during the 12 minutes I was told to “pick it up” or “let’s go Danae.” Unfortunately, I probably got more angry than I should have because my original plan of taking it easy was foiled.  I had to get over it.  I was going to be pushed, he must have sensed my own inability to push myself.

This is just one example of one coach that helped me yesterday, but I have countless stories like this that just make me realize how lucky I am to have these people. Like last week when i redid the 15.4 open workout, a different coach was able to mentally help me through out the workout.  I struggled, but I ended happy.  I am thankful that they are able to help me when I cannot help myself.

Me, Coach JB, Rachel, Coach Zack, Lane, Shannon, and Amanda Halloween 2014.

Me, Coach JB, Rachel, Coach Zack, Lane, Shannon, and Amanda Halloween 2014.

A lot of times athletes forget the importance of these trainers and coaches.  We forget what they do all day.  We often come in hoping for them to change our attitude, push us, listen to us, teach us, and motivate us.  They have this really difficult job that we don’t really acknowledge.

Go out and thank your coaches! Thank them for taking their time that they are spending with you, it is because they really love what they do. Thank you for being good coaches.


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