Ok…. But did you die?

The coach/owner of my gym likes to tell new athletes who have just completed their very first workout that “that first workout is the hardest.”  This is probably one of the biggest lies I have ever heard in my life.  I have called him out before, but he continues to do it… maybe because if you tell someone each and every workout is going to suck they will not come back..

But, its true.  The first workout might be the hardest one to make yourself go, but I can guarantee that it is not the hardest workout you will do if you keep showing up to workouts. Each and every single workout brings its own challenges and its own different and painful experiences.  We all choose to accept these things and do them anyways though…

Found this on Pinterest and thought it was perfect! Courtesy of http://www.fireflyrecovery.com/us

Found this on Pinterest and thought it was perfect! Courtesy of http://www.fireflyrecovery.com/us

The one thing that I love about crossfit is that when you feel like you are going to die, chances are the workout is just about over.  I hate the longer workouts that last 20 to 30 minutes.  I never thought that 20 minutes would be a long workout, but we are able to reach high intensity in 7-10 minutes and have the same affect as someone who goes to the gym and runs for an hour.

This last Friday we had our final “Friday Night Lights” at my gym.  This is a night reserved for completing the Open Workouts.  Let me just tell you, 15.5 was not a walk in the park.  For a breakdown of this workout visit the crossfit games website.

The workout was as follows.

27- Cal Row, 27 Thrusters @ 65#

21- Cal Row, 21 Thrusters @ 65#

15- Cal Row, 15 Thrusters @ 65#

9- Cal Row, 9 Thrusters @ 65#.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, thrusters are satans idea of fitness.  After getting through the sets of 21, I stepped back onto the rower for the set of 15 and I heard yells and chants around me screaming “This is the easy part!” Bahahaha, I think they knew I thought they were crazy because I couldn’t control my facial expressions.  I thought I was going to die.  I didn’t know how all of my gymmates were able to complete this agonizing and awful workout.  I just kept pushing though.  There is something about having people watching you that makes you more able, or more willing to complete something that is making you feel your absolute worst.  After a few more agonizing minutes, I was finally done with the workout.  I ran outside and started dry heaving… I was going to throw up. Thankfully I didn’t, but if I had to do anymore thrusters, I am sure the quest bar I had eaten before would have come up.

But I didn't die!

But I didn’t die!

The only way I can describe how I felt after that work out was that moment when you realize you drank just a little too much on a night out and you are starting to spin… yeah that’s how crossfit is, you get the awful feelings of being drunk or hungover without ever having the fun of touching a drop of alcohol.

But did I die?  No I didn’t.  I haven’t ever died no matter how much my mind had told me I was going to.  So, I suppose my coach should be telling the new members that “they didn’t die” instead of “the first workout is the hardest” because that is a more accurate representation of how crossfit is even after the first workout.

Each day is hard. But the crossfit community is so strong that even though it might break you down, you are being built up with people around you, people who want you to succeed.

What workout has made you feel like dying? Comment and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Ok…. But did you die?

  1. See, this one, for me, was ok. Big girl loves some thrusters. I’m 5’8″, so the rower is pretty nice to me, too. Being a “bigger athlete” (as they affectionately call me at the gym when I refer to myself as the fat girl), the vast majority of my strength is in my legs. Don’t get me wrong- I did mine Sunday afternoon and still can’t walk straight, but this is the one I did the best on.

    For me, the killer is and always will be burpees. That’s where being a big girl is not only detrimental, it’s a downright hazard. There’s a lot of logistics that goes into throwing this much woman into the floor and hauling her back up again, haha!


    • Hahaha! I think burpees are awful too but I never cringe when they are apart of the workout! I’m jealous that this wasn’t too bad of a workout, I really had to keep myself from throwing up after! Glad it’s over though! Ready to get back to focused training! Thanks for the comment!!


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