Sometimes Progression is Slow

This past week I got my first muscle up ever! I have been practicing and working towards that since October.  I was stubborn because I wanted a muscle before I was even able to do a strict pull up.  That’s just the type of person I am, but thankfully that movement made it impossible to get without having the strength to do it.  I think I appreciated it a lot more months and months after building strength and working on the details of the movement. I would have of course liked to have gotten this the week the 15.3 was announced… but you know, next year I won’t have to do any of the events scaled.

That is how crossfit is.  It is often a lot of smaller movements stringed together to create these really challenging and difficult movements.  That is why progressions are so important.  You can find data on almost any website.  For this movement in particular I focused on the Outlaw Muscle Up Progression. The muscle up is essentially just a really hard ring row and a ring dip… both of these things I am able to do without much struggle, but when stringed together… death.

I was also lucky to have coaches who would sit there and yell at me during warm ups to work on my muscle up progression– times I felt down about them, like I was getting nowhere, there they were to push me.  Thanks guys!!

FullSizeRender (2)

The face of true dedication, commitment, and a little bit of death and sacrifice thrown in.

Progression in crossfit keeps you humble, it keeps you setting goals for yourself.  It helps string your motivation together to reach that next goal.  It is fun and it is worth it.  Sometimes when you reach your goals it isn’t pretty, but you can appreciate the work that you did to make it that far.

Today, I was able to do another three muscles ups! Three of them!!!  A week ago I struggled to catch in the receiving position.  I think a lot of us focus on the negative instead of the positive when we are making strides towards these goals, but often progression happens much faster than we expect.  I may have been working on building the strength to the muscle up for a few months, the muscle up itself wasn’t hard or terribly long– I say it took about 3 months and it seems to be getting easier and easier the more my body understands what it needs to do.

So for the next time you fail, fail with pride.  Each day is its own progression towards that next step. I know for a fact how frustrating it is to be right there, to be that close… but take pride it that.  Look at the journey you have taken.  Think about the steps and accomplishments you have made to get to being “that close.”  It’s always worth it.

Go out there and fail happily!!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Progression is Slow

  1. Great job on the muscle ups! I think patience also plays a role in Crossfit training as well as motivation. You can’t just rush into things that your body isn’t ready for. You’re doing a great job going thru the paces of building the smaller movements into the bigger movements. See you at the gym!


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