Crossfit:The Lifestyle Change that Affects Your Relationships

Since starting crossfit I have gone through a drastic amount of changes associated with the crossfit lifestyle.  I think my biggest change though has been my social life.  I normally try to write about things that have affected me with my switch from unhealthy to healthy, from globogym to crossfit. This seems to be my biggest one.

Long story short.  I have lost some friends, or I have changed the way I interact with them.  I can take a great deal of blame for this because I have been trying continually trying to stay away from the unhealthy habits and temptation that I had when I went out on weekends.  I guess when they say “Lifestyle Change” they genuinely mean every aspect of your life will change.  I have been pretty ok with it, I have accepted that the relationships I have are going to be different but now I feel as though bridges are burning.

In the past couple of months I have gotten busier that I normally am ever.  I have been working overtime at work, still going to school full time and trying to manage a workout on the days I have time.  I had reserved all of my “extra” time to working out because it made me feel better and less stressed out about what goes on in my life.  Because of this I neglected the friends and people I knew outside of crossfit.  I had chose crossfit over them because that place has become my therapy session, my happy place that lifts me up even when I feel like I am drowning.  It’s not that I had forgotten them or cared less about them, it was just my way of dealing with the additional stress and cluster of my life.

It’s hard to keep friends that don’t do crossfit with you. I have tried to explain to some the value and impact crossfit has had on me.  I think for the most part they understand and accept this, but I don’t think anyone was ready for how drastically different I was going to be, how my social life was going to be nonexistent outside of my crossfit gym.

On the other side though, this is something I really value in the crossfit community.  There seems to be an inherent understanding that the gym is a sacred almost holy place for people to go and unleash anxiety and stress.  I have had countless conversations with people who feel as strongly about their time in the gym as I do.  And what’s more, they have had the same lifestyle changes that I am speaking about now, they have lost friends in their own transitions so I am at least not alone in that.

Photo Courtesy of Crossfit Devotion

Photo Courtesy of Crossfit Devotion

It saddens me that lifestyle changes put this type of strain on any relationship because for me I am genuinely trying to be a healthier and stronger person.  But for most people they are trying to change their lives, and when doing that support is essential.

At this point in my life, partying and drinking no longer align with my goals– and that’s saying something because I am only 24 years old.  It just doesn’t bring me the happiness or exhilaration it once did.  Now, the only place I want to be is at my gym because the people there understand this, they don’t push or pressure me to go out or party, the only time they push me is to be stronger, try harder, and work better.  They have become my sanctuary through this lifestyle change.

This has been a hard aspect to acknowledge for me mentally.

Have any of you had to go through this? Tell me your stories.

On a funnier note check this video out Losing a Friend to Crossfit



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