Why Women Can’t Have Muscles

*Disclaimer: I hold none of these views. This was written out of anger and sarcasm. Enjoy.

After posting my most recent blog “Strong vs. Skinny” on my Facebook profile I received all positive feedback except from one person.  This person commented saying, “Grosss sorry but that’s not sexy”… needless to say I deleted this person from my friends list, but I did not delete the comment because I want everyone who is friends with me to see this comment because I think it proves that there is a very real problem in our society and a woman’s race for equality.

Women can’t and shouldn’t have muscles.

I am one of the #musclewomen

I am one of the #musclewomen

And here is why:

  1. If women have muscles then they are breaking the stereotype for what a “real woman” should look like. Women are expected to be little and petite, but they are NOT expected to actually work out in a gym and they are NEVER under any circumstances supposed to lift weight. They should be naturally little regardless of how many carbs they eat a day.
  2. If they have muscles then why would they need a man to lift stuff for them? Men would be absolutely obsolete in society. No one would want that. Who is going to open the pickle jars? Not women.
  3. Women aren’t supposed to be the “muscle” in the relationship… women aren’t supposed to be the muscle ever. They are supposed to be weak and defenseless… it’s science.
  4. Ew. Just Ew. Then women would look like men.Oh yeah, men– no, men are supposed to look like that, they are supposed to have muscles and definition in their arms, and their six packs are sexy. On women that is gross.
  5. Men and women would be way TOO equal. This is a serious issue. As women get closer and closer to gender equality in the work force, we need to remember that there is still a very real societal norm based around body type that we can continue to suppress women with.

There are five good reasons women can’t have muscles.

I love my muscles!! #musclewomen

I love my muscles!! #musclewomen

That was all written sarcastically because I think that the way this person thinks is a very real issue and problem that women face when they choose to be fit and healthy and strong.  They are always going to be faced with haters because this lifestyle and body type contradicts what society has deemed acceptable.  However, society has a double standard for how men should look and how women should look.  How is it fair that men are worshipped when they have six pack abs, biceps, and just overall appear strong and lean, but when a woman has the same muscle definition she is considered manly and “gross”? I have been told that there are going to be haters and that I have to accept it and let it go.. But I won’t.  I won’t let someone make me feel lesser because they don’t agree with my physical appearance or lifestyle.

I want to fight this gender based double standard. Go now and post a picture, both men and women, on facebook or twitter or Instagram showing your muscles with the hashtag #musclewomen. Let’s show them that Strong is Beautiful!


10 thoughts on “Why Women Can’t Have Muscles

  1. I think the tables are turning, more and more women want to look fit rather than just be skinny. Woman like Ronda Rousey have really helped….. thank god! personally I love women that work out, I find them more attractive and they tend to be more down to earth.

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  2. Brilliant! Totally agree. I love seeing women in my gym totally owning it. I think women have better form doing weightlifting , for example tonight was doing hang squat snatches and by far the best form was from the women. The men were pushing the weight beyond the limit of what they could do, their form was shocking. Me included! I think it’s ego, the thing we’re supposed to leave at the door.

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    • Thanks! I think the crossfit and weight lifting community really embraces strong females! It’s been really motivating for me! Next step is the rest of the world! Thanks for sharing! It’s awesome to know there are people out there who agree and understand!


  3. Well said Danae! I think muscles on women are sexy! And a six pack on a women is awesome! Haters are going to hate, aren’t they! One day I’ll post a picture of my muscles here.


  4. Some people just don’t get it. Muscles, strength and confidence are sexy and appealing (especially when it comes women) . I know everybody has a “type” but stereotypes are stupid.


  5. My ex-boyfriend used to have the same feelings. Let me reiterate that he is my EX-boyfriend. Every time I would focus on my health or go to the gym, he would say, “Why do you want to have muscles? You’re going to look like a dude.” Unfortunately, I let his comments get to me, and I let my health completely slip. Looking back, it was totally manipulative and abusive. It was just a way for him to try and deflect his own insecurities on me. Needless to say, I will never have another man in my life that thinks that way. Breaking up with him is the best thing that I could have ever done for myself. People that think like that need to deal with their own issues. Now, time to go do some burpees…. Great post!


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