What is the Crossfit Addiction?

What is the crossfit addiction exactly?  For me, I realized exactly what it was today.  It is being able to make goals and to accomplish those goals.  It is being able to see and feel the progress that is being made.  It isn’t the weight that is coming off or knowing I can resist the temptation of a donut.  This might be different for everyone, but for me that is my addiction. This addiction has affected my entire life.  I apply this mental mindset to everything I do now… to work, to school, to everything.  I am more willing to work overtime to accomplish my goal, more willing to try for positions and projects that used to scare me, and at school I give me all, stay up late to complete homework, read and research extra… all because of what the crossfit mindset has taught me.IMG_5915

Having goals and succeeding… this is an amazing and motivating.  Today we did overhead squats.  I think back to the first time I did this movement.  I was scared and unstable and just plain weak.  I did 55 pounds and I barely did that.  It was ugly and shaky.  And today for the first time since that day we did OHS as a strength meaning it was singular and not in a workout and I worked up to a heavy overhead squat of 120. One Hundred and Twenty pounds and it wasn’t even that hard!  After that I decided to catch up on some of the workouts that happened yesterday– I wasn’t able to go because I had class, so I normally try to do “extra” workouts the day after because missing a workout is upsetting, it is a benchmark workout called Isabel.  This workout is 30 snatches at 95#.  The last time I had done this workout was January 3rd, I finished it in 14 minutes and 13 seconds.  It was hard! I struggled.  At that time I could barely snatch 95 on a good day. I was able to complete the workout with the help of my coaches and gymmates.  My time today was 5 minutes and 19 seconds. How freaking awesome is that?

When I did the last snatch today I jumped up and down in excitement.  It’s proof that crossfit works if you really commit to it.  I just imagine boxes all over the world and athletes in those boxes reaching their milestones that they have created for themselves and being over joyed with their own progress.

This is what is so addicting.

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Tell me what makes you addicted to your workouts!!


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