Crossfit without the Crossfit

People think of the crossfit community like a cult, for good reason too.  We talk about it constantly.  We think we are awesome.  We have created this sense of entitlement that comes with the crossfit community, and the mindset is similar to that of a gang.  We like to be around each other, and we like to hang out with each other.  I love being able to look at one of my gymmates and tell him or her that they are acting like a baby and in the next moment ask them if they want to race me to the end of the gym via handstand walk and they accept.  BUT…

Go Cart Racing!

Go Cart Racing!

The crossfit community expands outside of just the gym. A lot of us are actually friends outside of crossfit.  We like doing things with each other because we have been forced to love each other, and because it’s fun.   It’s so easy to forget that these people have their own entirely separate world’s outside of the gym and that we all choose to go to the gym over our other life things that either should be done or should have been done…

I am saying this because I think that crossfit gyms, at least mine, really emphasize that support.  Like tonight a few of us from the gym went to eat dinner that one of members works at.  She is still new to the restaurant but she had mentioned she would be working so we decided that we should show up…Or did you know that one of our members is a local rockstar? That’s Jason! He does shows in our area and I know a few people were able to go and support him… Sorry Jason, I haven’t been to a show yet, next time though!!!

I guess what I am say is that I am thankful that I have people in my life who will be there when I don’t want to go to dinner alone, or if I want to go race someone in go-carts.  They never ask questions, they just go.  They will drop what they are doing, listen, and ultimately show up.  They have created a friendship– thanks Friendship Crossfit for some inspiration and help!

Please comment and let me know how you take crossfit outside of crossfit!


4 thoughts on “Crossfit without the Crossfit

  1. I would love to become friends outside of CrossFit with fellow box members. We left a box we had been at for two year because we never felt like we became part of the in crowd. Our schedules don’t help much though, we are limited to the morning classes, we work 2nd shift and our days off change every week. We started at a new box in March, right now struggling to attend 3x’s a week due to work schedules. But any tips on how we can start making friends would be greatly appreciated!!


    • Hmmm. This is weird. I think for my gym the coaches are really good about getting everyone involved with each other. They are all very active in social media and are able to bring the whole group together. I generally workout in the afternoons, but on weekends I get to see those in the morning groups and I am just as close with them because we are always supporting each other on different social media platforms… does your gym use sugarwod or other WOD apps that allow you to interact? That might also bring you closer to your group… My other advice is that if you don’t feel like you belong to the group, check out some other gyms to see how you feel. I have gone to other gyms out of town for work and ended up going to gyms I couldn’t be at and finding gyms that made me feel like “Home”. Crossfit gyms are just like any other relationship, sometimes you have to get rid of the ones that don’t make you love it. I got really lucky. Maybe we can talk more, I definitely don’t want you to feel discouraged working out!


  2. Thanks for the mention! I’d love to see you at a show sometime. You won’t be disappointed!
    I love being at our gym. I like to hang out after class is over. I like to stay late and work on my weak points. I like to hang out with my Crossfit family whenever possible!


    • Thanks Jason! I think we have a really great group. It’s great being around these people all the time. I see you guys more than I see most people and I have yet to get sick of any of you. It’s just fun being around people who are working towards the same goals and milestones together.


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