Crossfit Pet Peeves Part 1

I am sure that this is going to be the first installment of  pet peeves I have acquired since starting crossfit.  Some of them take place inside the gym and some are just conversations I have had with people outside of crossfit… those people who believe they are entitled to giving you their opinion regardless of whether you want it, care about it, or asked for it.

I originally got this idea from one of my favorite vloggers, Jenna Marbles.  Thanks for the inspiration.

1. People who say butterfly or kipping pull-ups aren’t real pull-ups…

Uh… ummm… really? Like for reals? Have you ever done either of these? Not only do these movements require strength, but they require technique and a ton of practice… I would really like to see the people who say this try to do 100 kipping or butterfly pull-ups and after look me in the face and tell me they aren’t pull-ups.  I am pretty sure their arms, back, and core will be screaming.  So please continue to tell me that these pull-ups aren’t actual pull-ups and while you’re doing that I will be onto the next part of my workout… oh and please show me all the strict chest to bar pull-ups you can do. (-_-)

2. People who don’t put their stuff away.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have accidentally left the gym without putting away all of things I got out for the workout, but sometimes I think people do it on purpose.  We do crossfit people, we aren’t lazy.  Please please please, for the love of insert your divine being just put your stuff away.  I think that this particularly frustrates me because I love the owners and the coaches at the gym and they spend almost every waking hour of the day there and on top of it they have to baby sit the adults who come in and forget to put their stuff away.  If you get something out, put it away like and adult.

3. People who ask if I am “still paleo”

Ding ding ding.  Yes, I am still paleo. I was the last time you asked me. I am now.  I have been for the last 11 months.  I probably will still be the next time you ask too.  I think this affects whether or not people can ask me to go to dinner with them.  I suppose none of the restaurants have anything I could possibly eat… Cause people who eat paleo don’t go out to eat EVER… (-_-)   I mean after the first few months it’s understandable because I could have hopped off the hamster wheel and gone back to how I used to eat, but I am pushing a year.  I think I have made it well past the required time frame for this to be acceptable.

A lovely picture of my cult after a Saturday seance.

A lovely picture of my cult after a Saturday seance.

4. When people continually make fun of the fact that I do crossfit and love it.

Early into my crossfit addiction people would make fun of me and tell me “All you do is crossfit now” which at the time wasn’t true– Now, it is a lot more true.  But they would make fun of me for doing it.  “Danae, did you do your crossfit kipping pull-ups today? Isn’t that what your cult does?”` (Check out this hyperlink to find out why crossfit might actually be a cult.) People actually said this to me… all of the time. Excuse me, but when was the last time I made fun of your cult spinning class or zumba class? People told me it was because crossfit was new, but that isn’t true either crossfit is definitely a growing and more visible sport now, but in 2014 it was definitely not new.  This one makes me the most mad because I think that anyone who is able to stick with a fitness program is freaking awesome! Working out consistently is really hard and if you find something that you like to do, then why is that a bad thing?  Who are you people?!

Anyways, thought I would share with you some of my own personal pet peeves. Like I mentioned before, this is the first installment into Danae’s Saga of Pet Peeves.  It seems like each day I am faced with different situations and little things that make it onto my pet peeve list.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, share with me some of your own pet peeves!!


5 thoughts on “Crossfit Pet Peeves Part 1

  1. Number 4, All. Day. Long! Do I want to make fun of you because you Zumba? Yes, a little. But do I? Nah, because at least you’re doing something. And because I’m painfully Caucasian and couldn’t do it even if I wanted to.

    But yep, I get tired of the running commentary, so much to the point that it’s made me want to get rid of my social media stuff. We live so far away from all our family and friends we’ve known our whole lives, so things like Facebook have been great for that. But I guess when all you talk about is Crossfit, suddenly all those people that were so interested in your life aren’t really anymore (and probably weren’t to begin with- just being nosey, haha!)


  2. Me too… it was really difficult when I originally started crossfit. It’s frustrating because we could be doing nothing… and something is wayyyy better than nothing regardless of what it is. I think it’s awesome when anyone commits to anything because life is busy! If you are able to make time to work out good for you, and if you are able to see progression and feel good at that place, even better! Crossfit gets a bad rep because of silly things and when people who have never tried it make fun of me or give me a hard time I just want to evil eye them! Grrr. Thanks for your comment! I am glad I’m not the only one!


    • Those are on my second installment… Those and using the barbell I bought and disrespecting it when you didn’t ask if you could use it or you pretend like you aren’t using it when I have eyes and can see…


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