When the Struggle is Too Real

Have you ever had those weeks where you find yourself extremely stressed out, maybe a little burnt out? Those weeks where you are trying to figure out if you should workout or commit your time to the things you are stressing over… well that was my week this past week.  One of the few weeks you are just trying to survive until the weekend before you can just sit down and do as much nothing as you can…

Therapy Session Saturday Night

Therapy Session Saturday Night

This week I chose crossfit even in the midst of all the things I needed to do because this was the only time I really felt like I allowed for myself.  It was an hour of complete disconnection to the outside stresses be them job or school or even social engagements.  It takes me away from my phones–yep, I’m one of those people who is constantly connected to my personal phone and my work phone.  It takes me away from the problems that were addressed throughout the day.  It takes me away from all of the things that can really weigh down on your sanity.

A lot of people, myself included, struggle between choosing to do something for yourself and choosing to do things that you need to do.  This week I decided that even though there were things I should be doing for most of the waking hours of the day, crossfit was something I needed to do for me.  Like I have said in a couple of my blogs, crossfit is my therapy and this happy place.  It represents much more than as a place where I go to get stronger, or better at handstands, it’s a place where I get to be and act differently, I get to embrace the fact that I am only listening and following what my coaches are telling me to do.  I am clearing my mind and working on only things that I need to do for these workouts.

So when the struggle is too real for you find a place that makes you and forces you to disconnect.  Pick a place or something that is something you want to do, or be at.  Something that takes a small portion of your day that you can dedicate to yourself. This place will quickly become your therapy.  Just like crossfit has for me.


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