10 Thoughts for 10 months of Crossfit.

I have been doing crossfit for a little over 10 months now. June 17th, 2014 ( I just checked!) was my first ever crossfit class.  I was 30 pounds heavier, I was struggling to find happiness in myself, and I had no idea what I was getting into.  But throughout these past 10 months I have discovered so many things and I changed a lot and I have grown.

I attribute a lot of this to the people at my gym, my coaches, my crossfit friends and the lifestyle that it embraces..

So here are my 10 thoughts from the past 10 months.

June 2014. The first step is literally the hardest.

I was terrified the first day.  I messaged my friend/ box owner about crossfit and I told him that I wanted to try it because I had seen all of his posts on Facebook and I was at a standstill with my current fitness program. He reassured me that I would be fine and that I would have fun.  So, even though I was scared and worried about what people might think of me, or going into this unknown place alone, I took the plunge and went for it.  That day is the most important day because it potentially saved my life.

July 2014. Holy Moly. This is intense.

Yep, this whole crossfit thing is no joke.  This is when I found out I had a long way to go.  I was scaling everything A LOT! I was making slow progress, but it was progress none the less and I that was exciting!

August 2014. These people are pretty cool

I was traveling a lot but each time I got back into the gym more and more regulars at the gym were asking where I had been.  They were asking me about my life and we were becoming friends….

September 2014. Finally Making Progress.

It didn’t take me very long to do kipping pull-ups, this was the month I had my coaches teach me how to do butterfly pull-ups.  They were ugly and super choppy, but they were something.  For some reason, being able to do a pull-up was the one thing I wanted to do because it meant that I could fully support my body weight. PR’ing in things I never thought I could do. Amazing feeling I have to say.

October 2014. Wow. These are my people and they are awesome.

I’m pretty sure this is when I had my first ever vent session about life.  And no one even judged me for being the actual me!

November 2014. I don’t like holiday themed workouts.

For Thanksgiving we had a festive workout that used a 14# medicine ball as a turkey… it was not fun.

Happy Thanksgiving?!?

Happy Thanksgiving?!?

December 2014. Sometimes making goals is upsetting.

My goal for the end of the year was to get one muscle up… this did not happen. Sadface.

January 2015.  Peer Pressure is real.

I got peer pressured into being paleo/zone.  I was eating more than I was used to and I was eating a billion times cleaner all because my coach questioned how committed I was…

February 2015. Crossfit is a community.

No matter where you go you can drop into a gym. Crossfit is like math, it is the same in every language. (Engineering nerd… remember?)

March 2015. Mental strength is more important than physical strength.

On days that you feel down or weak you have to keep pushing and you have to force yourself to find motivation.  When we get stuck in these ruts we have to fight to keep caring and to keep working. This is the fight.

April 2015. If I have to leave these people or my box they will always be my gym and my people.

I have been doing some deep thinking about where I want to go with my life or where my career will head– it may be away from Reno, but no matter what these people are the real deal, forever in your life.

These people in the box have helped me change my mindset and my life.  They have cheered me on, they have cheered me up, and they have created a new person who is comfortable within my body.  After 10 months of crossfit I have made some amazing friends and have met so many smart and beautiful people.  I have spent the last 10 months averaging at least 5 days there and to be honest it just isn’t enough.  The time I am in the gym is the most valuable time because I get to be around these positive people. To my Regulus Family this is truly for you. You have been amazing and I am glad that I have met every single one of you.  Here is to the next 10 months– may they be filled with fitaids, foamrollers, and friends.

Now, tell me about your crossfit thoughts. Tell me about the people you have there for.  Tell me about all of the things that you have thought throughout crossfit!


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