Crossfit Separation Anxiety

Last week I went on a 10 day crossfit binge.  I knew I was going to start class today and would ultimately have to sacrifice crossfit for 11 days… not in a row, but in total.  Tonight in class we discussed what opportunity costs… and for my example I wrote hesitantly, the opportunity cost of showing up to class was greater than that of going to the gym.  This is how much of the kool-aid I have had to drink! Even when the I struggle mentally to push myself, this is the place I want to be.

Tonight was the first day.  I have 3 more days until I will be back in the gym.  Until I am back in my therapy session and my happy place.  When I think about this, I think I am silly.  Like come one Danae you were at the gym for 10 days straight, but this place is more than a gym to me. If any of you know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs then you might be able to understand this.  I have found ways to fulfill most of the layers of the pyramid. I have always felt I struggled with the social/love layer… that is what crossfit is to me.  It allows me a place to have friends, to be open, and to love people who enjoy the same things as I do… I don’t have to be working out to feel this way, yes, there is some science behind the whole endorphin thing, but for the most part this place makes me feel good with out the physical release of a natural drug.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Photo Courtesy of simplypsychology.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Photo Courtesy of simplypsychology.

Yep, this is what happens after one day away from the place. I freak out and get all gushy.

As I head into my second day away from my gym… keep me in your thoughts.  I will mentally be preparing myself to fight any urges I have of falling into the fetal position.

What was the longest that you didn’t go to the gym? Why? Comment with your stories!


4 thoughts on “Crossfit Separation Anxiety

  1. If I can’t make it in (which happens sometimes with a travelling husband and 2 young kids, I turn to this website for Road WODs (WODs you can do when on the road, at a hotel, with minimal equipment). It’s not the same, but it sure beats jonesing out of your natural high of working out and it helps keep me motivated. Otherwise, I get grumpy or curl up in a ball while rocking myself back-and-forth while whispering “happy place” to myself and that just freaks the kids out! Lol! Here’s the website:


      • If you use the MyWOD app, they also have Road WODS under the “Common” section, all the way at the bottom, after the Hero WODs. I’ve used that as well as it’s portable and easy to use. They also have a timer integrated to the app AND I have all my lifts and WODs since I’ve started Crossfit recorded AND you can backup your data. Yeah, I love that app! 😉


  2. I forgot to mention, I also use picnic table benches or park benches for box jumps or box jumps burpees. Those are fun too (did I just write that?!?)


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