Why I Watch the Crossfit Regionals

How many of us are on our second binge of the Crossfit Regional’s? I have my hand raised as high as it can go.  I have been binge watching all of the events and competitors from around the world.  For those of you who don’t know, the Regional’s are the competition that immediately follows the Crossfit Open. It takes only the best of the best from each region to narrow down the playing field even more to find those who will be competing in Carson for the Crossfit Games.  It’s an exciting time because it gives us viewers a chance to see some of the new standards that are being raised prior to the new batch of “gamers” take the field in July.  But for me, I watch it for something completely different.

That one time I did "Randy" for fun. #firebreather

That one time I did “Randy” for fun. #firebreather

For those that read my blog a lot, you know that I am pretty loud about how I feel about women being judged for having muscles or being ridiculed for looking to masculine… well, watching these men and women compete at these events makes me little heart happy.  These competitions are a place for these men and women (especially women) get to showcase their hard work and their powerful bodies.  This is a place that not only accepts these body types but glorifies them and promotes them.  This is what excites me.  I loved seeing Kara Webb kill Tommy V and Randy and then get a killer weight on her 1RM snatch, but I am most excited to see her because she has this amazing body that only exemplifies power and strength.  If I ever met her I would tell her to “Give me her muscles” because she is a serious crossfit beast. Or you get to see people like Lauren Fisher who is a young athlete, who is still rehabbing am injury, and kill workouts even against all the odds. I get inspired to work harder and to be stronger.

Crossfit has brought a lot of things into my life.  I like to think that it took me from being this “small” person who was afraid to break the barrier of societal norms to this person who literally doesn’t care if someone isn’t pleased with how my body is looking.  It made me want to promote a healthy lifestyle and strength and weight training and for women to love the body their in even they were blessed with thunder thighs or thighs that touch…

So while you are all watching the Regional’s look at these athletes and appreciate and thank them for their journey.  Many of them have had the same struggles that we are dealing with.  They have had haters and supporters, but ultimately they have embraced the community that has allowed them to be comfortable to be in their own skin and proud of their bodies and hard work.

What have been your favorite part of Regional’s so far?


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