Saying “See Ya” to one of your Crossfit Coaches

This blog is to serve as a spotlight on one of the coaches that I have had the honor of knowing for the past year.  He has pushed me, pissed me off, and made me better basically each and every day that I entered the gym.  This is JB “Jibby”.  He has an amazing work ethic and inner fat kid… like all of us. He was there for my first pull-up, my first hand-stand push up (that happened yesterday), my first muscle up, all of my PR’s and Max’s, and now he is leaving to greener and greater places and adventures as he continues his education in Las Vegas.  So how do we say goodbye or See ya?

The fact of the matter… He has done great things, and he will continue doing great things.

See Ya Later Coach Jibby.

See Ya Later Coach Jibby.

What can I say about JB?… Ahh, well he has seen me break down and cry, he has seen every single struggle I have gone through and he has been there to build me back up and help me get better.  That’s what everyone will miss when he leaves.  He is an energy in the gym. He is a friend and a coach.

I guess it’s hard saying goodbye to people who have been there for you and with you for the past year.  I can honestly say that I have spent more time with these people than I have with my family and with other friends who don’t go to crossfit.  That is why we are a family.  We support each other’s dreams and goals and we love and cherish the time that we have with each other.

I know that you will do great things JB.  Thank you for being a coach and thank you for inspiring my crossfit journey.  You will be missed but you will not be forgotten… not like you would let us forget you anyways.

Cheers to Vegas.

Has anyone else had to say goodbye to a coach or crossfit friend? Share your story in the comments below.


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