Summer lows and Crossfit Woes

It has been quite some time since I have blogged about my crossfit addiction… No worries though, I am still very much dependent on my drug– maybe even more so than before.  This summer I decided to step away from blogging to really focus on myself.  I have learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be.  I watched the crossfit games and saw amazing athletes get pushed to their absolute limit and fell more in love with this sport than ever before.

You’re probably wondering what on earth did I need to step back from to learn about myself… well, as you all know I have been strict on my diet.  I decided to test the waters of that this summer to see how I felt.  I am still very much paleo, but I decided that my body wasn’t getting the proper nutrition that it needed so I mix it up a bit from time to time… I allow myself to munch on rice occasionally and I have upped the times I will eat sweet potatoes in a month… (these aren’t my fave because they make you so FULL.) I also did some soul searching.  I decided that being at the old age of 24, I was limiting the experiences I was having by absolutely never ever going out– so with that, I have become a young person again… more apt to go and grab drinks with friends because I refuse to live with regret.

I competed in my very first RX competition for my 1 year anniversary to crossfit and successfully did a muscle up in a workout.. a PR at the time.  I have worked on and progressed this skill exponentially since that moment.  It was in that moment that I finally found comfort and motivation in that skill… and I traveled to Botswana Africa to visit my sister… This place had no idea what crossfit was and it was a crazy culture shock.

15 - 1 (6)

In summary, there were some things that I have to remind myself about crossfit, especially for someone who works full time and goes to school full time…

  1. Use crossfit and nutrition as therapy. It is a place to go to be happy.  I would so often get caught up with weight and times that I forgot that I actually really love crossfit for taking me out of my busy day. Crossfit is supposed to be fun, once you lose that what is the point anymore?
  2. You are still a damn human being. Your body get tired.  Rest when you need it.  Push when you can, but remember you are a human and sometimes things come up that take priority.  That is OK! You can miss workouts and still get better. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  3. If you want a damn beer, drink a damn beer.  I found a new love for beer this summer… so I drink it for fun.  Don’t limit yourself, if you are doing a lifestyle change you still get to treat yourself.  Self-control is a diminishing resource… allow yourself to indulge to keep yourself on track..
  4. Not every day needs to be max effort.  This is something I struggled with mentally for a long time.  Some days your head isn’t in it, or your mind.  That’s okay. Do what you can and be okay with it.  Go for daily PR’s.
  5. Do team competitions.  If you want to feel good about competing, grab a team and do a competition.  I just did one yesterday and I absolutely loved it.  I was injured a bit, but you just get this insane adrenaline rush knowing that you have a support system right there with you… DO IT.

Let me know what you did this summer at crossfit!!!


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