Moving and Leaving your Crossfit Community…

This week has been a pretty big one.  Overwhelming and scary.  I have been in Las Vegas for the past 4 days on a house hunting trip.  I have accepted a job in a new city–albeit only an hour and twenty minute flight– but it is somewhere new.  Somewhere permanent.  I have been asked by multiple people on multiple occasions if I was nervous or scared… I decided to use this blog post to discuss some of these things…

The loves of my life.

The loves of my life.

I am absolutely frightened of the next adventure I am about to take.  I am heading to a city that I don’t have roots.  Of course I am nervous and scared, but I will never let that stop me from taking risk, from learning, or from growing.  I needed to do this for myself.  I really believe that moving is an essential life step that allows you to always learn and to grow as a person.  I never want to stop.

This is where crossfit comes in though.

I am so incredibly lucky to belong to this community of people.  I have support from strangers in this new city because I belong to crossfit.  It is amazing how many people are involved in the sport and are willing to reach out to you to make you feel welcome.  That is why I decided that this was a good time for me to start moving.  No matter where I go I am comfortable that I will be able to meet people because I have enveloped myself in such a rich and welcoming community.

I have only had the opportunity this week to go to one gym, but at that one gym a trainer put me in contact with a realtor that helped me find my new home in a matter of hours.  She reached out to me because I was a crossfitter.  How amazing is that? How strong of a bond is this sport that allows you to interact with people who I just met on such a personal basis?…

Yes, I am going to miss my gym more than I can even describe… Those people have built me to be the person I am, they have supported me as I went through the interviews and the internal struggles I had as I questioned whether I was good enough– but those people are ones I promise will always be a priority when I do get a chance to see them. (Jamie and Zack) I am scared, but the most beautiful thing about crossfit is that it is a universal language.  No matter where I go, it is still crossfit.

I have an opportunity to establish new roots at a new gym. I am so excited to start blogging about those people and my new adventures.  For now, I am engulfing myself with nostalgia and reminiscing on the beautiful path I have had at Crossfit Regulus. When I leave I will have had a year and four months with them.  Just a short time in the big picture of life, but enough for me to know that those people, those faces, those personalities are the loves of my life. Again, thank you for letting me be a lion.  It has been an honor.


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