8 Definitive Reasons as to Why #KaraWebb is my Spirit Animal

Yes, you read it right… I truly believe that Kara Webb is my spirit animal.  Have you seen her though, who would not want her to be the voice in your head when you feel like giving up during a work out?… So because of that I have determined 8 specific reasons as to why she is the spirit animal.

Reppin' my Kara Webb shirt... All Day!!

Reppin’ my Kara Webb shirt… All Day!!

  1. Her intensity. Kara Webb is intense for every single workout, every single competition, every single crossfit games.  She was incredible as she crossed the finish line after the dreaded “Murph” this last crossfit games, basically passed out, and still she ended in the final round of the games.
  2. Her sass and sarcasm.  If any of you know me, you know that my sass and sarcasm are the first things you meet.  That’s why I love Kara Webb.  She is someone I want to be best friends with. (this is how I judge any celebrities, if I wanna be friends with them– I like ’em)
  3. Her quads.  When I was growing up, I figure skated competitively for about 7 years and I was criticized by my unknowing friends about the size of my legs and my quads.  As I transitioned from figuring skating to school team sports, the comments never stopped about my legs.  She has helped me accept my beautifully big quads as gifts of strength instead of embarrassment.
  4. She’s funny. Another thing I judge people on.  She seems hilarious.  Please let me be your best friend!!
  5. She’s normal. You guy’s might think I am crazy already but she’s a real person.  She isn’t pretending to be anything more than who she is and I love that about people.  When they are 100% content with who they are, that’s when they deserve respect and that is who Kara Webb is to me.
  6. She’s Australian. I’ve always wanted an Aussie best friend… mostly because I suck at accents and they are my favorite.

    Photo by: CrossFit HQ

    Photo by: CrossFit HQ

  7. She’s badass.  She showed up to the crossfit games with a vengeance and she brought her “A” game.  She came stronger and better than ever and she straight killed it. She is proof that an injury doesn’t define you.
  8. Most importantly…. She’s Kind.  She seems kind and humble and fun.  I don’t know for a fact, but from what I have seen on tv, facebook or instagram… she is kind.  She cares about people and she cares about how she presents herself.  That more than anything is important to me.  That is why she is my role model.

So there you go.  Those are my reasons. She is a beast and a badass.  Watching her compete has motivated me to climb ropes and push myself.  It’s so insane how a person I have never met has encouraged me in life and in crossfit, but that’s what’s so special about it.

She is my spirit animal… who is yours?


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