New Home. New Gym. Part 1.

Today marks my 1 month anniversary to my new home in Las Vegas.  Where has the time gone?


It has been extremely busy getting settled and trying to continue my life as if I hadn’t moved.

When I got to Las Vegas aside from having a place to live my only other goal was to find a place I could call my home gym. I went through so many emotions leaving my home at Crossfit Regulus.  I knew I wanted to find a place that mimicked how I felt with my lion family… and after a few gym shopping trips, I settled on my new home gym.

I am now a member of Crossfit CULminaTion.

The crossfit community and the family like feeling is the reason why I have been so obsessed and addicted to crossfit. When I was getting ready to move to Las Vegas I knew that I had the ability to choose a more elite, more well known gym that would probably help me become a more competitive crossfitter…but my main goal as an athlete is to workout until I’m 90 with people I love and want to be around… this is why I chose my gym.  Plus they push me to be competitive anyways. So jokes on you big gyms!


With my new CULminaTion crew for a photo shoot! Good People and Good Vibes.

The people and the coaches so easily and quickly allowed me to become a part of their family.  They pushed me crazy hard the first workout and they let me talk smack. They have invited me to gym events even though I was so new.

I feel so lucky to be a member of this new gym.  I honestly am the luckiest person because I get to selfishly be a member of two crossfit families without remorse or guilt.

Looking forward from this point I am preparing for another RX’d competition in Las Vegas.  RX’d competitions still intimidate me because I don’t think I’m quite good enough, but I also don’t think I would be doing myself any favors by being scaled.  I am rehabbing a hurt wrist, well I am pretending to be rehabbing it.


Good bye party to my Regulus Family. They made me cry with a signed shirt. I love them.

I am excited to make some new PR’s with my new gym, but I will never forget or fully let go of my family from Reno.




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