How Competing Changed Me.

Because today is the last day of the first month of the year, I was planning on reciting the list of New Year Resolutions I have made for myself… But yesterday, something amazing happened to me that made me rethink what I wanted to say.

Yesterday I competed in my 3rd RX’d competition (and amazingly I placed 3rd), this aligns with one of my NYR of competing as much as possible, preferably once a month if I am able. But while I was competing, I found that what I love most about competing is being around strong women who are only there to be their daily bests.  That’s what crossfit is about.  None of us workout together, none of us know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We only know our bodies and our personal bests… so we push as hard as we can and we hope that it’s good enough. I just love that…


But that’s not why I am posting today.  I am posting today because of what happened going into the final workout for the competition.

A little back story though, in December I competed for the first time in Las Vegas.  I competed RX in a competition, assuming I wouldn’t make it to the final round which the standards clearly showed “Bar Muscle-Ups”… which is a movement I have yet to figure out.  But, only 7 girls were in my divisions so I ultimately ended up in the final workout.. (Don’t worry I let my judge know that I was NOT supposed to make it this far) And in it was this movement I didn’t have.  Thankfully, though there were 3 different final workouts so I was able to redeem myself… but as I went into the workout with the bar muscle-ups, I called to the crowd for a coach to help guide me through the movement, I even asked my judge to help me as I attempted, and failed at trying.  But the crowd was supporting me as I tried and tried and tried.  So finally when that workout ended, and I placed last, I went into the final workout motivated by the crowd and ended up getting first! So I got 5th in the competition–better than I had expected of myself…

So this brings me to yesterday.  Prior to starting the final workout that helped ensure my third place finish a woman stopped me to ask if I was the one from the Crossfit Competition that couldn’t do bar muscle ups… after I confirmed her that that was in fact me, she looked at me and said “Thank you.” As I stood there looking confused, she continued to explain to me that my courage to enter a competition as RX even though I didn’t have quite all the movements for, inspired her to compete in the competition as RX’d instead of as scaled.  I had given her the inspiration to push herself even if she would fail…IMG_8600

That to me was better than any trophy, any placement, any reward I got from competing. That was my inspiration, and that is why I am so motivated to compete!  So as I continue on my crossfit journey, push yourself to compete, even if you can’t do everything, even if you might fail, you might not realize that you are inspiring someone else to face their own fears.

Now, competing has changed my mindset. I know I am not the best, I may never be, but I know that I can and will always push myself to be my best. And maybe I can help inspire people, and maybe they will help inspire me… you just have to try.


How have you been inspired? Who has helped inspire you?


One thought on “How Competing Changed Me.

  1. Dear Danae,
    You are AWESOME! Great inspiration.

    Gram, Uncle Arron and I would love to see you compete. Please let us know when / if we can come and support you?

    We love you and miss you. Call home when you have time,

    Kisses and hugs,


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